Successful Stories

  • 1-  Mr Sunny

I w As in search of a life partner who could understand me well. According to me understanding matters for a married life. My sister wanted to show me many girls but I refused. My thinking about marriage is quite different from others. I believe that if you have a sincere and understanding partner, your whole life becomes the source of joy. Someone told me to join I make my account there and got registration. Unbelievable! They assisted me amazingly. What I wanted, I got. I explained my preferences and according to my desire they gave me suggestions. At the result I am a successful man of this world who lives in heaven in this world. Thanks to

  • 2- Mr Yonus

As I got a good job, my parents increased pressure on me for marriage. I have seen website on internet. I told to my parents but they were not satisfied. They were in against of such marriages. They had concept that neither we can judge the information given here nor we can search a good family. I made them agreed that just try once if you would not satisfy, I will surrender it. Fortunately, after getting registration a party messaged me on website. I contacted and inquired the details they have submitted. At the first step I felt that there is not wrong information. Secondly, the family was very nice as my parents were finding. Everything I told my parents they considered, took necessary steps for the confirmation. Now I am leaving a happier life. Great performance! 

  • 3- Mrs Ahmed

Being a lady, getting help from website was quite difficult.  I have two sisters and both are living very unhappy and irritating lives. I did not want to be like them. For this I joined and got registration. When I told to my parents they said that why did you provide your personal details here?  They thought all these are fake. But I love risk so I took risk and found my life partner through  Now my parents say that among all daughters, I am better than the two from every aspect. They regret why they did not get the facilities of for the remaining two sisters. 

  • 4- Mrs John

I was the single child of my parents. I had lost them in my childhood. Both expired in an accident. I was not interested in marriage but the people around me that when you will get marry your depression will eliminate. You will get the gathering of a person who loves you. But my question was that is it possible to find a sincere person. My friends made my account on and started finding a good life partner for me. Amazingly they were succeeded! They told me and set a meeting with another party. When I met, I was very thankful to my loving friends that they did best for me. I am very happy and living an objective life. Really grateful to!