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Profile & Photos

- How to edit my profile?

Please check following link after login


 - How to change the display name on my profile?

Please check following link after login


- How to hide or delete my profile?

Contact support@acharishta to get it done


- How to change my email address?

You can’t change an email of a profile once its is registered and activated.


- How to change or hide my phone number?

 Phone number is only shown to the user who you give permission otherwise no one can see your number

- How to add photos or change the privacy settings of my photos?

Please check following link after login


- I have to delete my profile but it is inactive, help?

Please check following link after login

 Contact support@acharishta to get it done


Contacting Member

- What are the criteria of showing my interest that “Filtered” me?

We have couple of feature with which you can find  your interest


- Can I search members currently online on

Yes you can. You have to go to the following option


- May I have rights to refuse a member after having accepted him/her?

Off course you have right to do so

- How can I contact other members on

We also have a complete chat system and networking system where you can make the friends and then you can chat with them.


- If a member is hidden, how can I contact?

You can’t contact him if someone has intentionally hidden himself


- What are the additional benefits for me as a silver member?
In free membership you have limited access of the website feature while in silver you have many feature available in the website.

Can I accept a member after declining?

Yes you can by going that member profile


- Can I cancel an interest which is accepted by the member?

Yes you can by going that member profile

- Which members are shown on my chat list?
The people who you have included in your friend list


- If I like a member, can customer care team help me in contacting?
Yes, sure.


- As a silver member what advantage do I have?
You have more feature than free membership for more details you can visit. our page


- At the time of browsing what do I do to rejecting chat requests?
You can ignore it for that time and then later on you can go in chat section to view the requested chat


- How can I stop chatting with a member?
You can block him and then he no more contacts you


Registration and Login

- What is the procedure of registration?

On home page we have registration form where you need to provide your basic details then we will verify your email and then you can login to our portal


- How can I reactivate my deleted profile?

You can ask in order to get your profile again activated


- Can I get registration on the behalf of a relative or friend?

Yes off course you can do it.


Why is my profile inactive? 
You must verify your email to get it active.


- Why my profile gets suspended?
There may be some inappropriate activity that was noted by admin if you think it is not correct you can contact


- Do I need to pay for the registration?
No acharishta offers totally free registration.


- Can I create multiple profiles?
With each email address you can create only one profile. You can’t create multiple profile with one email address.


- My religion, caste, profession, mother tongue is not showing in the registration form, what to

We have  included all the major or minor entry for it but if you don’t find the option of your choice then please let us know at


- May I skip some details of compulsory fields?
 No you can’t do so.


- How can I change my password?
Please check following link after login


- In case of forgetting password how can I login?
If you don’t remember you password to login to your account then please use following option


- If there is any term and condition while creating profile, what to do?
Yes off course you can find it here


- Can I be logged into my account permanently?

No you have to enter password every time you want to login

Membership & Payment


- Tell about various membership plans along with advantages.

Guideline is present at


- How can I pay in case of purchasing a membership?

You can pay with your credit card or paypal and more guideline is present at

- How can I know about offers and discount?
You will get email from us if your eligible for any discount


- My payment is decline but the amount is deducted, help me.
Please contact at


Search Options


- How can I know the members visited my profile?

 At Home Page you have a section of Recent Visitor


- How can I get more matches with different options through “Matches” option?

- How can I use “Saved Search”? How many numbers of searches I can save?

You can save searches as many time as you want and then you can visit them from following


- What is the difference between “Advanced Search” and “Basic Search”?

Basic Search  only checks your preference while Advanced Search checks you and your partner preference.


- How can I see the result of my searching?

Results are shown right away you select the search option


- If I do not want to see any profile again in my search results, what to do?
You can block the profile from not being shown to you


- What is the method of searching of profiles on

These are the methods


Report Profile or Bug


- I am contacting a member through his/her number given on profile but it is dead. What

would I do?
You can leave him a message or email in the system Bug Bounty Be Safe Online


- I have contacted on a profile, when will I get reply?

It depends on the member but as  you are contacted by him/her you will get notification on email.


- What is “Block” member feature and how can I use it?

Block memeber feature enables you to block.

- I got a suspicious profile. What should I do now?

Please let us know on

- If any profile is deleted due to the Terms Of Use Violation; what should I do?

Please contact at